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Who’s it for?

women blossoming into themselves

You are ready to step into yourself and feel the fullness of all that you are.

You are on a healing journey and are ready to do some deep work.

You are aware of the patterns you keep coming up against, and are ready to grow beyond them.

You are conscious of some aspects of healing that are needed but unsure how to move through it.

You are ready to finally bust free from survival mode, and the unconscious wounds that keep you there.

You desire to flow through life ease-fully.

You are ready to live a life of freedom.

You don’t have to do it all yourself.
Break the pattern of the wounded mother and allow yourself to receive.
Be held, heard, supported.

About the Mentorship

This is a 3 month 1:1 container for you to receive support wherever you’re at on your healing journey.

Learning to mother the self, heal deep wounds, and live in alignment is a transformative experience. I’ve found that women really need support in facing shadows, breaking patterns, and integrating their experiences so they can truly thrive.

Living an aligned life will allow you to be in tune with your needs, empowered in your abilities to meet those needs, confident to speak up for yourself, and to be fully present with yourself and those around you.

This mentorship will help you learn to create a life of freedom, flow, and ease. It will help you get unstuck from the patterns holding you back and blossom into the next level of you.

what’s included:

Video Recordings
Embodiment Practices
Journal Prompts
Mother Wound Healing Course
Anchor Course
Weekly calls
Unlimited Whatsapp support
Unconditional Support
Deep Nourishment

you will learn how to:

▼deeply nourish yourself

▼practice sacred self care

▼use your voice to ask for what you need

▼be empowered in your truth

▼heal various aspects of yourself on many levels:  the chakras, womb, inner child, mother wound, shadows, and birth trauma

▼use ceremony for healing and celebration

▼find balance in your life

▼sustain growth

▼be fully present

Love Notes

I am beyond thankful for Heather‘s 12 week program and how knowledgeable she is on so many topics. I now have the tools I need to grow and prosper. The beauty of Heather‘s program is, it doesn’t just end at 12 weeks. This new way of living will last you the rest of your life and generations to follow.

I felt deeply held, heard and understood.

Heather equipped me with the tools needed to take a deeper dive into what was blocking me in all areas of life, whether it be happiness, health, wealth, or unresolved trauma. She taught me ways to heal my mother wounds, and helped me to connect back with my inner child.

Heather is a competent and compassionate communicator allowing one to open up to her with ease.

Heather provided me so much insight and held a safe space for me to dive deeper into the issues that I needed to address for my personal healing journey.  Heather is a powerful intuitive, knowledgeable, and a wise leader in her field.

Not only has Heather helped me to heal old wounds, she has also equipped me with new tools to boost my energetic vibration, both in the long term and short term. 

Heather is a wonderful guide.

Are you ready to dive in?

A Peek
Inside the




The foundation of this mentorship and our success in life lies in structures, systems, and sacred self care. A huge hurdle many of us face is finding rhythm and systems that work, but most importantly asking for and implementing support. This step is vital.

We will assess and work on building structure, support systems, rituals, and sacred self care. In doing so we’ll work through the blocks that come up around asking for help, as well as allowing the structures to flow and change.

Deep Dive

The hard work we’ll be doing in this space is deep healing. Whether it’s addressing your mother wound and inner child, or possibly even birth trauma, these are things we will work through and face together, shining light on the shadows and rewriting your stories.

When we practice shadow work we face the hidden wounds living in our unconscious mind. We shine light on them, heal, and integrate them into our conscious world. When those beliefs and patterns are broken and reprogrammed, we find healing, and we thrive.

Depending on where you’re at and the healing you need support with, we may focus more on one or the other, or be referred out for more extensive therapy. Regardless, we will work on reclaiming your power, supporting the healing process, and finding peace and empowerment from within.


As you move through deep healing, it is important to not just mentally take in the growth and changes, but to integrate the experiences into your reality. Trauma responses diminish or even disappear once the original traumatic event is processed and integrated into the psyche as a memory, and the energy is moved through and out of the body. So, once you move through and heal traumas from childhood, birth, or life in general, they become part of the past no longer effecting your present life.

My goal is not to be your therapist in healing trauma (I do routinely refer out for that), but to empower you to heal yourself and move forward with the awareness and tools to choose differently. My desire is to support you in integrating the healing you experience as we work together.

I will help you to implement the tools needed to support you in living an embodied life. Those include ceremony, rituals, meditation, kundalini yoga, EFT, journaling, and various embodiment practices.

It is time to show up for yourself. It is time to thrive.

Let’s do this.

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