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I was published 3x in the first 2.5  years of motherhood. These pages share parts of my journey as well as powerful personal stories from dozens of amazing women. Now you can get paperback copies of the entire She Speaks Series signed by me!

Legacy Speaks: Powerhouse Women Leading Lives Worth Remembering
Lineage Speaks: Women Who Carry the Torch for Future Generations
Divinity Speaks: Women Who Tune In & Trust Divine Inspiration

All three books are international best sellers in multiple categories on Amazon.

Divinity Speaks

Divinity Speaks:

Women Who Tune In & Trust Divine Inspiration

This is a book about connection to a force so much greater than ourselves. This book serves as inspiration to find our own path and tune into our own form of communication with these cosmic forces; call it “God, Source, the Universe, Spirit” or anything else that resonates.

There are many spiritual and metaphysical texts out there that speak about “messages from spirit” or “conversations with God” or “an inner knowing”. This book explores true stories of what these undeniable feelings actually look like in a woman’s life.

This book brings these metaphysical concepts that might feel esoteric and grounds them into reality through the act of sharing relatable stories and experiences.

Enjoy this beautiful collection of women’s stories as they traverse, navigate and connect with their own form of celestial connection and truly listen to the answers from within.

Think of this book like an oracle deck with the opportunity to guide you to the right message at the right time.

  • You may traverse the waters of womb healing.
  • Maybe read about a woman’s connection to God, Source or Spirit.
  • Maybe even learn about your Spirit Guides.
  • You might learn to finally release your feelings of unworthiness or shame you’ve carried for generations.

Divinity Speaks is a book about coming home to yourself. These words serve as a reminder that we don’t have to do is all alone. We are constantly supported by Divine help, God, Source, The Universe and Spirit. We are held on these wild and meandering journeys called “life”. Allow each chapter to give you the medicine you need at the right time, in the right place in the right way.

Lineage Speaks best seller

Lineage Speaks:

Women Who Carry the Torch for Future Generations

Lineage is beyond words. Most of its understanding is actually in the unspoken. The rituals, traditions, beliefs, systems, emotions and language we have accepted for centuries without question. These agreements, as Don Miguel Ruiz would call them, that have permeated our lives without knowing.

But the women whose stories follow these pages began to ask some questions.
Is there another way?
Is there more than meets the eye?
Do I have to hold the same shame those who have come before me have felt or can I release that?
What do I want to pass down to others?
Is it possible to carry the wisdom without the pain?

This book invited me to spaces within myself that I didn’t know existed. To hidden places where emotions lay buried waiting for the day when I felt brave enough to meet them with love and compassion. This book invites us all to do just that.

Legacy Speaks Best Seller

Legacy Speaks:

Powerhouse Women Leading Lives Worth Remembering

Have you ever asked yourself… “What will I leave behind” “What type of impact will I make on the planet?” or most simply, “Who am I? In this book, you will read the stories of 25 powerful female leaders who have asked themselves these very questions. They have gone to the depths of who they are – the deepest parts of themselves, their traumas, their healing and their joy to further understand the meaning of life and legacy. Whether you are ready to ask yourself some deeper questions, explore your human-ness, tap into your spiritual gifts, realize the power of your purpose, understand your healing through a new lens or just to be filled with joy, this book invites you to remember your own legacy and what you are here to leave behind.