My Gifts To You


here are some tools to help encourage a positive mindset on your journey.


Mantras and affirmations are a wonderful tool to support us on our healing journey. They help us to feel comfortable in our bodies and nervous systems as we heal, grow and expand into the next versions of ourselves.

I recommend using these as your phone background, you can even print and hang them up wherever you’d like so you see them more often. I also recommend reciting them out loud daily, repeat them until you feel the frequency of that affirmation fill your entire body.

Mama Mantras

Mama mantras are an amazing tool for every mama!

Mantras are a great tool to shift your mindset, heal your thought patterns, and raise your vibrations.

I love using mantras specific to motherhood because it’s really easy to beat ourselves up as mothers, and a supportive reminder is always appreciated to realize that no matter what we’re badass mamas who are doing great.

You got this!

Birth Affirmations

Birth affirmations are a wonderful tool to prepare your mind for labor, and are an incredibly helpful tool for your birth team!

I recommend printing and hanging these up all over the place a few weeks before your due date so these loving and positive vibes seep into your psyche in preparation for your transformation journey.

I also recommend asking your birth team to read these affirmations to you during labor, since your eyes will be closed most of it anyway, and you’ll need to be reminded how strong you are.