Somatic Self Devotion

A Masterclass Curated By:

Heather Robinson

I’m offering a FREE masterclass to answer the most common question I get when I share my work with people….

What the heck is somatic self devotion?


This somatic work guides you toward inner peace.
Practices that support and sustain your needs, desires, and growth will only deepen your ability to connect with your true essence and expand in all areas of life.

You’ll feel a growing sense of inner peace, you’ll feel more alive in your body, and you’ll feel more present to the joy and beauty life has to offer us.

Would you like to be more comfortable and confident in your body?

Would you like to take better care of it?

Do you desire to love yourself deeply?

Who would you be without the critical voices in your head?

Who would you be without the pressures of what you should do, how you should look or feel?

Who would you be if you looked in the mirror with adoration?

Some things you’ll experience…

▾ Indulge in a guided immersion for embodied pleasure

▾ Drop into your body, breathe, move, and deepen your connection and relationship with yourself

▾ Unleash your body’s communication channels so you can listen to the your innate wisdom

▾ Identify any fears, beliefs, or stories that disconnect you from your body

▾ Cultivate self love, adoration, and devotion

▾ Build your confidence, capacity, and ability to connect from the heart

▾ Clarify your daily devotional practices for yourself that ignite your joy and pleasure

For those Who…

Want to explore somatic healing and self devotion

For the women, mothers, business owners, and leaders…
to help you find balance, presence, and live with your hearts wide open

Join me for a deep dive of dropping into your body, allowing your sensuality to guide you into a deep sense of unconditional love within.

Fill in the form below to get the masterclass
and walk away feeling more grounded, spacious, and connected to the innate wisdom your body holds.

You’ll walk away more capable of balancing life, motherhood, and business, with joy, pleasure, and self love rituals.

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