The Mother Wound

A Masterclass Curated By:

Heather Robinson

I’m offering a brand new FREE masterclass to answer the most common question I get when I share my work with people….

What the heck is a mother wound?


Some things you’ll learn…

🌲exactly what it is,

🌲where it came from,

🌲what it looks like,

🌲how it may show up in your life,

🌲why it’s so vital you heal it,

🌲what you’ll gain from healing it,

🌲and some really important tips on how to heal it.

For those Who…

▾ Don’t know what a mother wound is

▾ Know what it is but want to learn more

▾ Know they have a wound and want to know how to heal it

▾ Are in any way experiencing symptoms of a mother wound… it’s a long list, and truly, we all have one, but if you’re unfulfilled, seeking outside of yourself for love and validation, have failing relationships, or patterns of behavior or experiences that don’t serve you… this wound may be at the root and I will show you how to free yourself from them.


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