Mother Wound Healing


This is a course about healing the deepest, most profound wound from our childhoods, the mother wound.

It will guide you through:

▼understanding what your wound is if you have one
▼how to identify it’s impact on your life still today
▼and how to heal it.

This process may take years, but these steps are guideposts to help guide you on the way. This is deep work many avoid for their entire lives, but when we face the pain it will no longer control us and we can be free to choose a different way. I invite you to begin your journey today.


This course will help you understand what the mother wound is, identify your mother wound, understand how it was caused, learn how to see when it is effecting our current life and relationships, and how to shift from coping to healing.

The goal in healing the mother wound is to carry with us only the scar (or memory) of it, having removed its power of effecting our lives negatively by facing it and understanding it with deep compassion.

This course will help you in getting to the root of your patterns, busting through your blocks, and showing up in your life in a new way. By healing the root of all wounds, you will expedite your healing journey and witness your life and relationships transform.